International CringeFest ’09

Start spreading the news! NY Artists Unlimited is a 25 year old non-profit organization that provides theatre and art to under-served audiences.  This summer, NY Artists Unlimited is proud to present International CringeFest ’09. From July 20th to August 9th, New Yorkers and distinguished tourists will get the chance to see REALLY GOOD & HILARIOUS works that are irreverent, politically incorrect, naughty, and utterly zany. Don’t we all need that those days?! Audiences vote every night for winners of the Golden Pineapple, Silver Tomato, & Bronze Banana, plus Jack Lemons for the actors.

For one ticket, you see 4-5 works arranged in theme evenings: Dames at Sea, Is That a Spear in Your Pocket?, Your Money or Your Art, Children & (Other) Sharp Objects, Sex Encounters of the Absurd Kind, & late-night Saturday: Go Genital into That Good Night, including Dragness of God & the Naked Holy Ghost (yes, naked) and Grampa Hitler & the Li’l Red Ridin’ Hood (musical). Entre actes are: musician-comedian Huck DeMilo, naughty singer-songstress Jessica Delfino, & sound effects comedian Zero Boy.

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